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  • Q. What stain colors do you have?
    We use Varathane stain products for our coloring; we encourage you to check their selection here. Our standard colors are Ebony, Espresso, Early American, Jacobean, Dark Walnut, Provincial, Classic Grey, Smoke Grey, Carbon Grey, Golden Oak, Cabarnet, Weathered Oak, Sunbleached, and Natural. Take a look at some sample boards here. Any choices from outside those colors will carry a small additional charge.
  • Q. Is everything handmade?
    Yes! We make everything by hand, making each piece unique.
  • Q. What are your prices?
    We do each project to its custom dimensions, so prices vary depending on the specification of each build.
  • Q. What are the dimensions of each product?
    You tell us! We do have standard sizes and suggestions; however, you can customize dimensions as we know that everyone has a unique space in their home. You design it, and we will build it.
  • Q. What wood do we use?
    We use mostly reclaimed Douglas Fir; it is much higher quality than spruce or pine and is the hardest of the softwoods.​
  • Q. What is used to seal the products?
    We usually use 3-4 coats of Polyurethane seal; we do one more coat on dining tables as they are much more high contact surfaces. We are making our furniture a durable multi-use surface that is easy to maintain.​
  • Q. What is the wait time?
    Our average wait time is around Five weeks. You will receive a more accurate timeline upon confirming your order.
  • Q. Does wood color change over time?
    All woods tend to change hues slightly as years go by. It is a natural process caused by exposure to UV light and oxygen.
  • Q. Is there a warranty?
    Yes, there is; we offer a warranty based on the product failing, such as a board cracking in half or heavy warping. If something like this does occur, we will repair or replace it. However, from everyday use or slight movements in the wood, we encourage you to embrace it as it is reclaimed and requires time to acclimate to your home.
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